Long Bridesmaid dress for summer wedding in Paso?

Our wedding is in August at Stillwaters Winery in Paso Robles.  My colors are hot pink, light pink and brown.  My daughter (16) is my only bridesmaid.  It is an evening wedding.  Is it ok for her to wear a long dress in the summer in Paso?

Re: Long Bridesmaid dress for summer wedding in Paso?

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    I think it would be perfectly fine for her to wear a long dress. Especially because it's in the evening. Hopefully their will be a nice breeze!
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    First you need to think about the fabric, the weight/ the breathability. You know here in Paso the heat can be horrific (in the evenings still sometimes). In shorts an a tank top we are good but a formal evening gown...not a good mix. So if its a chiffon or organza overlay...she will be fine, but a heavier fabric may be uncomfotable and depending on the color of the dress...think wet marks from sweating her buns off. UNLESS, you are indoors, and there is air conditioning and then girl you are good to go! Your Bridal Consultant should have discussed this when  you purchased the dress at the store. Shame on her!
    Good Luck and hope you have a fantastic wedding!
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    I love Stillwater!  And I think it would be perfectly ok as long as it was not a thick organza or something heavy.  But it does cool down *most* evenings in the summer in Paso.  And Stillwater has many oak trees with shade, so it will probably be even cooler.
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    I was in an August wedding in a chocolate brown long dress. It was chiffon and that was what saved me. If it were a heavy fabric like satin, I would have died, and killed the bride. It really depends on if your entire wedding is outside versus inside and what time of day. I think if you choose a fabric like chiffon, it'll be easier on everyone.
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    Thank you for the advice.  The wedding is in the evening.  From 6-10.  And the area is pretty much shaded with Olive trees. 
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    Hey, mine will alsobe an evening in Aug. and will be in Santa Margarita. My girls will be in knee- lenght black dresses, but of a very light material. The good thing about our area is that (thought days can get up to 115 in Aug.) summer evenings are usualy perfect for being outdoors. As long as her dress isn't also a lon-sleeved heavy material, she should be just fine.
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    Mine's going to be similar - Central Valley in September from 6ish-10 (we're still deciding on the starting time). I'm having my girls in long chiffon dresses. They feel so cool and flowy and light that it's almost like wearing nothing. Best of luck! :)
    Best wishes to you all! :)
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    I got married in Aug in Paso Robles. It was the hottest day of the year. My bridesmaids had long dresses. The material was chiffon so it was light weight. It cools off at night. So my wedding started at 5:30 and it cooled off.
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