Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion Temperature

I have a quick question for anyone who has had a wedding reception inside of the Garden Pavilion. My Fiancé and I are getting married in June and our one concern is the temperature inside of the pavilion. It is not air conditioned but there appears to be a decent amount of fans on the inside. For the people who have had weddings there, or who have gone to weddings there, what was the temperature like? It would be great to know if anyone has had a summer experience in there as well. Thank you. 

Re: Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion Temperature

  • I had an evening reception there in Sept 2011 and it was comfortable.  When we toured the pavillion in June, it was miserable.  It was so hot and stuffy.

    The wait staff told us that our wedding was the first comfortable one they had had all season.
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  • I went to a June wedding there last year. It was nice and we had fun, but the heat was awful. They do a great job ventilating the place, but when the summer sun is beating down on you there's not much that will help. Once the sun went down, it was great...but until then we were all sweating.


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