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I found a photographer on craigs list that's offering to do to do photograph the wedding for free in order to build her wedding portfolio.  They stated they are a professional, but are just now branching out into the wedding buisness. I was wondering if anyone has used J&C Photography, and if anyone had any thoughts. I would normally run (away) from this offer, as I don't want horrible pictures and this sounds to good to be true, but I'm getting really nervous about money I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask you ladies. -Everone is always so helpful on here

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    I'm using Captured by Cass photography in Danville.  Her packages are quite affordable (ours is $650).  She offers good packages and brings another photographer with her.  She has several wedding galleries that you can check out.  So far she has been really helpful and nice! 
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    Usually, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. It wouldn't hurt to make contact and see what it is all about (ask for previous photos, do NOT share any of your personal information until you are 150% sure).

    If you do go with the free option, as a back up, I would hire someone just in case for cheap. That way, you can have double the photos OR if the free one doesn't work out, you at least have some photos.
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    also check out white daffodil photography
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