We Have Our Venue!!!! SHOCKED!!!

I am so excited!!! DF just called and said that he loves the place and can't wait for me to see it!!

It's the Sanctuary on Penn downtown Indy!
Here's the link! - They're aren't opening this venue till next year!

They said they can work with any budget and large numbers. We're looking at least 250-300 people for the ceremony but hoping to cut that in half for the reception. We have several close friends who are now a part of Indianapolis City Council that needs to look like we spent a huge amount of money but in reality we didn't.

Ahhh!! I'm soo excited!!!


DF just called me and we have the venue booked & THEY OFFERED HIM A JOB!!!! He'll be paid half in cash and the other half of his pay will go as payments for the wedding!!!

Re: We Have Our Venue!!!! SHOCKED!!!

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