Mill Top in Noblesville?

We're planning a wedding in June 2012 and are considering Mill Top in Noblesville...has anyone had any good/bad/meh experiences at this venue? 

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    There was a thread about this venue awhile back.

    I would tread very carefully. The owner took a long time to be approved for his permits and even had to cancel several events. And some of these cancellations were the WEEK OF the wedding.

    It may not matter to you, but it did to us that they try to do as many events in a weekend as possible and do not provide any sort of security to keep guests from crashing other parties. In fact, she was offended when I asked about security.

    It was a cool venue, but too many strings attached. We ultimately felt we were not going to get enough bang for our buck there.

    If you like the rustic/exposed brick feel, you might want to check out the Mustard Seed Gardens and Landscape center in Fishers. They have an old barn they are restoring.
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    We checked it out because it looked very cool.  However, Kelnash89 is right.  It took them FOREVER to get their permits and they did cancel some events last minute.  Also, the woman we met with when we went to check it out was entirely too casual with us and bordered on unprofessional.  The place is a lot smaller than it appears and we would have had to separate so many of our guests.  

    Additionally, everything... and I mean EVERYTHING is ala carte there.  When we added it all up, it would have been  nearly DOUBLE our venue budget.  We found another place that ended up being much more accomodating (Woodwind Golf Course in Westfield), and we were very happy we did.  
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    I agree with the ladies above. I looked into Mill Top for my 2013 wedding. Just the room rental for the room we were looking at was $3,500. I found a different place for only $1,000. I would look around a lil more before you sign anything with Mill Top.
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    We booked there for April and didn't feel anything negative as others have said above, but now I'm nervous! The room rate is kind of high, but there aren't any catering minimums so you save a lot there. 

    What are the permits about? Was that just when he was first opening or could this happen to us??
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    Rocky was required to do a number of things by both the State of Indiana and the City of Noblesville in order to host events at the Milltop. He did not. When the inspectors came in and found out he hadn't complied with the requirements, they shut him down. He finally complied with the issues that are considered life safety (i.e. the minimum required to be open) but he is operating on a conditional permit. He has until sometime in March to comply with the remaining items or he risks being shut down again. So if your event is in April, you need to stay in touch with the City of Noblesville's Fire Marshal and Planning Department to make sure the venue is in compliance in time for your event.
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