New here and planning a wedding from another state...

Where do I start?

Hi! my name is juliet and I'm getting married in july next year. My fiance's family is from Indiana but we are currently living in California. His family can't afford to fly so we are going there.  Has anyone else had to plan a wedding like this? I am a little bit overwhelmed by the process, and from what I hear, I'm starting a little late with the planning. I have no idea where to begin. Help. Please?

Re: New here and planning a wedding from another state...

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    Start with your budget, definitely.  Then work on your guestlist.  Theknot has a really nice checklist tool, and that'll ensure that you haven't missed anything.

    I'd also start thinking about whether you want something formal or more casual, indoor or outdoor, those types of things.  That way you can start narrowing down venues. 

    I used the search function on this board a lot to see what florists, hair & makeup, etc. that girls in the past have used, it was a good starting point.  GL!  And post questions if you have them!
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    I am planning my Indy wedding from Austin, TX, so I definitely understand!  As long as a budget is set, I would lock down a reception and ceremony spot first.  Do you get to go to Indiana anytime soon - for Christmas, perhaps?  If so, you might start researching venues online, and try to visit some the next time you are in IN.  I know that may seem a little rushed but that part is one of the biggest headaches and is best done as soon as possible so you can ensure you get a venue that has what you want.

    My wedding is not until October so I am not on the same timeline as you, but I can tell you this: you still have plenty of time!  I know people who have planned weddings in 2 months.  Sure, it is not ideal, but it can be done.  As for me, I will be doing a lot of my planning while actually in town for holidays and other occasions.  It stinks not being right there to plan everything but it is absolutely doable.

    Best of luck!
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