Beware of dogs at Fountain Square Theater's business office!

I went to pay the deposit for my wedding reception at Fountain Square Theater next August, and I was bitten by the building owner's white Jack Russell dog while leaving their business office! The bite didn't break skin, but it was painful and left a nasty bruise on my upper thigh. The owner of the building declined to offer my fiance and I a discount on our reception; as we will be spending a significant amount of money at the venue. He offered us a gift card instead....Yell

There are no signs posted to beware of the dogs (yes, there are about 3 of them), and the owners of the building seem content to let them roam freely as strangers come in and out of their business office. I would NOT recommend going onto the second floor of the Fountain Square Theater building if you've had bad experiences with dogs in the past because your liable to be attacked!

Re: Beware of dogs at Fountain Square Theater's business office!

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    Thanks for the warning, though attacked might be a bit to strong of a word. I got bit by a Sheltie the same way, didn't break the skin but I did bruise. Ticked me off especially since I had been "attacked" by a Great Dane when I was a teeanager. I was lucky to have only ended up with 10 stitches.
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