Wedding recap

I have to say the day was amazing. I woke up at my Mom's to the sound of rain but knew nothing could dampen the big day. I am probably the oldest bride on here and looking at the second half of my life and finally had the wedding I hoped to have.

Got married in the church I grew up in and though that meant keeping the guest list pared down, it was more meaningful to have close friends and family there instead of everyone I and my Mom knew.

My brothers 5 year old twins were the flower girls and their 6 year old brother was the ring bearer. They kind of stole the show but they are so darn cute that it was a given. Shooping for their dresses was so much fun as well.

My groom surpised me by making a grand entrance with his adult son who was his best man. For the procession, our harpist played Linus and Lucy music and they came in with the fake nose and glasses with canes and putting on a show with the procession. Of course I didn't see it nor did I know anything about it before hand but heard it was quite a hit with the guests.

We saw each other before the ceremony and he was very pleased with the way I looked. We had a small bridal party with my sister being my matron of honor, the best man and the kids.

I couldn't believe at just how calm I was all day but I trusted the people I chose and having  Marie Frey of (Fashions and Custom Creations) as my coordinator to take care of all the little things that arise on that day, helped me out tremendously. I did start to get nervous when I was waiting to make my grand entrance but it wasn't too bad. As I walked, I was able to focus in on my groom and also many family and friends there as I made my way up the aisle. While the minister gave the message, I enjoyed seeing our guests and it felt really special to see them smiling up at us. I couldn't get his ring on which I ended up giving up since I didn't want to jam it on. I was surprised at how much I was shaking trying to light the unity candle. I was told by a friend to give the kids something to do while they were standing up with us and I took her adivce and bought three disposable cameras to take pictures of anything they wanted to. They thought that was really cool and I am curious to find out if any of the pictures turned out.

I had kind of thought about what I wanted to say at the reception thanking a few people for their talents on the wedding (friends and family) but hadn't written down exactly what I was going to say so I of course forgot some of what I wanted to say. We had taken dance lessons and choregraphed a dance to Everything but right before the dance, my dress got hung up on a guests shoe who was kneeling by the table and it messed the bustle up some which made it difficult to dance it but we pulled it off fairly well. The toasts given by my sister and his son were touching, heartfelt and humorous. All in all, I couldn't have asked for much more out of my wedding day.

As for the vendors, well I found most of them through the Indianapolis Wedding Professionals Network and since they have worked together before, the cooperation between them all helped a great deal. My hair was done by Leslie at Great Clips on Madison and Edgewood (south side) and though I never do much to my hair, it was just enough to make it look special. My makeup was done by Pam of Mary Kaye nd I had bought my dress at Special Ocassions on 31 and Main street in Greenwood. My photographer was Donna Rice Photography and her enthusiasm was very appreciated and I look foward to the pictures. My videographer was Bouquet and Garter. I almost did not go with video. I think it can become an heirloom but since my new husband and I are way too old to start a family, I almost didn't go with the expense but I knew I would not be able to watch my nieces and nephew and the toasts would not be able to be captured by mere pictures. Not to mention listening to the message from the minister that was given for us. And of course I have yet to see my new husbands procession with his son. The harpist was Jennifer of Heart To Harp and she did a great job. I look forward to hearing the music before I entered.

As I look back on that day (June 18), I ran out of time to do a couple of things I wanted but it wasn't missed. So my advice is enjoy your day, take it all in, enjoy seeing your guest on your special day and don't worry about any bumps in the road on that you may encounter and just know how happy all your family and friends are for you both.
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