Boudoir, anyone?

Not totally sold on the idea, but thinking about taking boudoir photos to give to the groom ahead of the wedding.

Anyone in Indy have these done? Any idea how much that would cost?

Thanks! :)

Re: Boudoir, anyone?

  • When I last checked, Dawn Fisher [Galleria Studios] does boudoir starting at $500.
    I want to say Lucky Heart Photography is about $300.
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  • Check Molly Conner Photography--you will LOVE her
  • Meredith Gradle Photography!  She is very easy / comfortable to work with and incredibly reasonable prices.  You can go to her site and see some examples of her work!  Good luck!
  • Nikki - I'm currently discussing doing a boudoir session with my photographer as well.  Have you thought about where you'd do the session?  I was thinking about getting a fancy hotel room downtown to do the shoot in.  Maybe the Sheraton, so the window views would overlook the circle.  I think it would make for some very cool backdrops.  I was thinking it would make sense to find other brides interested in doing boudoir and seeing if we could make a day out of it, taking different time slots, and splitting the cost of the hotel room?  Of course there would be more to discuss, like if the Sheraton would be wilingl to give us a change of sheets between girls etc.  

    Does this sound like something that might interest you?   
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  • I might be! I would have a very tight budget though and am looking for a photographer who won't force me to spend hundreds of dollars on a leather-bound book of photos. Some hotels have day rates, which is nice, so that'd be an option.

    Can't commit without knowing the details, but I'd consider it definitely!
  • I'm not doing a boudoir session, but I know my photographer has done a couple of "marathons" where she offers a discounted rate for so many brides on one particular day. I'm not trying to plug or promote, haha, but maybe check out her Facebook, where she usually announces things like that -- Lucky Heart Photography.
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  • I've actually emailed her. She doesn't have a next marathon set up, but says they usually cost between $350-$650. I'm hoping to spend a bit less than that if possible.
  • I am doing one with my friend that is starting her own photography bis... if you all want I could ask her if she would be willing to work with you can can set you up with her....
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  • That's nice of you! Does she have a website or anything?
  • Taryn Tyree Photography!!! Last I heard it was approximately $150!! She did mine! =]
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