Mansion at Oak Hill?

Has anyone looked into Manison at Oak Hill in Carmel for their wedding ceremony and/or reception (or attended one there)? Looking at their floor plan,  I'm concerned that they will try to book another reception during my reception if I chose to go with them because their ballroom has a divider... Does anyone know if they allow couples to buy out the entire place? The mansion doesn't look very big, so I'm not sure why they would try to double-book the space in the first place. Help, please!?! Thanks!

Re: Mansion at Oak Hill?

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    I went to a reception there a few years back and remember though it seemed a bit on the small size, it was a very nice reception.
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    We looked there and IMMEDIATELY crossed it off our list.  The venue is very run down.  They will not hold the other space for you.  You can rent out the entire venue, but then you have to meet the minimum for the entire venue (the entire indoor venue minimum was like $16,000).  They also told us that the divider does very little to block out noise from the other reception.  The dance floor is SMALL. 

    Personally I wouldn't even bother going to look at the venue...
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    We also looked at it and crossed it off our list. The way it was explained to us is that the book 1 inside wedding and 1 outside wedding at a time...
    Additionally, upon seeing it...there are several other options in the Carmel/Indy area that were nicer for the same price.
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