Help! Finding new venue?

Hi all!

So I am in a bit of a panic!  We were planning our wedding to be at Coxhall Gardens in September and had paid our deposit sometime last year.  We had our first sit down meeting today to start hashing out menu, linens, etc and found out about a ton of extra fees and charges that we didn't realize would be added, and our estimated cost just for venue and catering is more than our intended budget for the whole wedding!  My fiance and I are trying to figure out what to do, as we dont have the means to continue with what we were planning with them.  His parents have given us a very generous amount towards the wedding already and my parents are not in the position to be of much assistance financially. 

Backstory aside,  does anyone know of any reasonable, rustic locations for about 100-125 guests around the Indianapolis area?  Has anyone else had an experience like this where you had to change everything 6 mos out?

Re: Help! Finding new venue?

  • Check out the Sancuary on Penn...they do payment plans and are an all inclusive spot...
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  • If you want the garden/rustic feel, check out Mustard Seed Gardens. It's between Fishers and Noblesville.
  • Check out Purgatory Golf Club in Noblesville.  It's a little out of the way, but very rustic and reasonably priced!
  • I'm getting married in November in Zionsville at the Traders Point Hunt Club.  It comfortably seats about 100 and its on a horse farm with wooded areas.  They allow you to use whatever caterer you want and to rent the whole thing (use their tables, firewood for their large fireplace, etc) was only $500.00. 
  • I hope the Ritz has informed you that you can have the ceremony at Coxhall and then have the reception elsewhere?  The fee to just have the ceremony at Coxhall is $1,000, then you can find another place to have the reception if you really love Coxhall.  My daughter is also have a September wedding at Coxhall and we chose to have the reception somewhere else (Maggiano's).  The price for the reception is actually about the same as the Ritz, but at least this is an option for your ceremony if you would like to keep it at Coxhall.

  • Try the Historic Ambassador House and Gardens in Fishers.  We are having our wedding and reception here in June.  It is absolutely beautiful and very reasonable.  They allow use of any vendor you choose and even let you bring your own food and alcohol if you want (which is why we deceided on this venue).

  • Thanks so much for all of the ideas!  We are working on moving forward and in any case I can't wait for our special day :)
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