Looking for Venues/Caterers for a Budget Wedding!

Hello Ladies,
First Congrats to all of you! This wedding planning things is fun/stressful

I am looking for potential venues/caters in the Fishers/Northside area.
We just started planning, but I am hoping for a guest list of about 180 and a casual type feeling. I am kinda hoping to find a venue that allows outside caterers because I think that might save me money! We are hoping to stay relatively close to a $10,000 budget. I would love to spend $5000 (or less) on food/place/and booze!

Any thoughts on places or caterers???

Thanks Loves and Good Luck

Lydia to be Lydia B

Re: Looking for Venues/Caterers for a Budget Wedding!

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    Hey Lydia,

    I've been looking for the same thing around that area.  Basically what I have found is the only way you can pull off a wedding under 10k is if you can do it on a Friday.  If you look into some of the golf courses or parks they seem to be a little bit cheapier.  We personally are having ours at the Indianapolis Zoo which is gonna be a little over 10k for a Saturday.  I haven't found any places yet that allow outside caterers. :(

    Some of the places we looked at that were over but around 10k were Mill Top in Noblesville (AWESOME!) and the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (The Atrium).  Good luck!

    P.S.  Is this the Lydia that played Rugby at IU?
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    You are right, that area is pricey. I will ask my planner if she knows of any out that way that is affordable! Good luck to you!
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    My wedding is coming in right at $10k and I'm having it on a Saturday night in Carmel.  It's definitely doable, you just have to shop around for the right vendors.  However, I think finding a place that allows outside caterers will definitely be challenge.  Since you have a while before you wedding, you have plenty of time to do research.  GL and happy planning!

    PS - I would edit out your post where you list the girl's first and last name.  You should probably create a new account so that your email address isn't your username because it looks like your email is your first initial and your last name, and the college that you attend.  Internet safety and all.
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    I'm not sure of a venue...I know someone who is getting married in the auditorium at Chatard High School?  I don't know the cost but that may be something to look into.

    As far as caterer's go...Sahm's caters and they are extremely reasonable IMO.  Easily under $15-$20/pp if you don't include lots of extras.  And their food is great!

    Oh I did think of a venue I think is reasonable, but they don't allow outside caterers.  Prairie View Golf Club in Carmel/Fishers.  It's where we are having our rehearsal dinner!  For a Friday night it's only a $250 rental fee...for Saturday it is $1000.  Their meals range from $20-$40 depending on what you order.  It's beautiful, too!  I have the brochure if you want me to I can email it to you!
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    Congratulations!  I am also being a budget friendly bride.  My fiance and I are getting married at the Delaware Township Community Center in Fishers.  It's a new building and it was built for this reason.  You can do WHATEVER you want...pick a license caterer, alcohol, security, up to 350 people.  It is really nice!
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    Hello everyone!!  As many have stated my fiance and I are also having a budget friednyl wedding.  Check out Avon Gardfens, they have a beautiful outdoor site and have a great price for ceremoney and reception.  They also include a lot in their price with a ceremony and recption there.  If you do a lot of research and kepp digging you can find exactly what you're looking for!  Congrats and good luck!
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    We also are going with Pipers catering.  Great food, great plans and Avon Gardens allows outside catering.  Cant beat it!
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    We are getting married at the Sterrett Center at Fort Ben.  Affordable, and they allow outside catering.  But we are using the caterer who happens to have office space in the building - Chef Suzanne.  We just met with her last week and are SO excited about how reasonable and flexible she is.  The only problem is that capacity is 150.  If you can tighten your guest list, definitely check it out.
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    We are doing a low budget wedding as well.  We are getting married in the Auditorium at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds.  You can basically do anything you want there.  The room is huge.  We are expecting around 200 guests.  We are doing the ceremony and reception in the same place.  They allow outside catering and have a full commercial kitchen available for use.  They have been fabulous to work with. 

    I am currently interviewing a caterer.  He is a friend of a family friend.  Once I have more information on prices, etc. I will try to post more about that as well.

    Hope this helps!
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    We are getting married at the Community Life Center -Washington Park East in Indianapolis.. We are able to bring in our own food and/or caterers.  Jugs Catering and Sahm's Catering have both come in under $20 a plate....
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    Check out the Palomino Ballroom in Zionsville...
    I think they'll fit your budget :)
  • I have been looking for budget venues for outside weddings. I have,looked into,the avon gardens and I am waiting a response back from them. Does anyone have any morw ideas for budget outside wedding ideas
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