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Has anyone recently used Midwest Sound for their DJ. My fiance and I are considering them but noticed they do not have a lot of reviews online so we are curious. Thanks!

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  • We used them for our wedding. The DJ did a great job with playing our requests, and helping us with ideas for our timeline. We had seen them at 3 other events for our family/friends. I really liked that they had back-up DJs. Not that it was needed, but i felt better about using them than someone who was on his own.
  • I received quotes from them. I *think* I saw reviews on wedding wire, which is where I found them, but I can't remember. Their prices seemed well under other area DJs.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Midwest Sound : Definitely one of the cheapest services around.
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    Just curious... what's the range of their prices? Their website didn't specify. I'm also looking for  a DJ in the low price reange.
  • we got a quote for $595 for 6 hours.I think we will be booking them, because they seemed very knowledgeable, had a great price, and we like that they have back-up DJ's. Plus they actually called us.
    Most of the other companies that we inquired with didn't even bother to get back to us. The one other company that e-mailed us, seemed like a fly-by-night company and didn't really give us any info, rather they just gave us a price.
    Midwest definitely seems to be much more on their A-game than anyone else that we've looked at.
  • We booked them this week! Dave was a super nice guy and answered all our questions.
    We got a price of $695 for 7 hours.
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