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I am trying to decide between getting a DJ from either The Pros or Sure Tones Entertainment. Both have good reviews but I was just wondering if anyone has met with either and what were your thoughts...thanks!
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  • I have heard of The Pros before. I think as long as you know who is going to be the dj at your reception, it would be good but I have heard that you don't know who you will be getting which doesn't sound like a great idea. Never heard anything about Sure Tones though.
  • I met with Sure Tones yesterday and put down the deposit same day. I felt very, very comfortable with him and thought that he was very professional and approachable. I think he's newish to the field - not BRAND new, but not 20 years of experience of anything like that - but I feel very good about the decision. I brought along a list of questions from and he had the right answers to all of them. He wasn't pushy and didn't try to sell me things that I didn't want, and every review I've found has been 5/5 stars. I've heard a lot of great and a lot of horrible reviews about the Pros in all areas (photography, DJ, videography), I guess because it's more of an agency than a few-person business so you don't really know what you're getting - could be awesome, could be awful. Either way, I can't vouch for him yet since my wedding hasn't happened yet but I did meet with Jared at Sure Tones and am VERY happy that I decided to go with him.
  • awesome! I will be contacting Sure Tones for a meeting ASAP!
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  • When we were researching DJs for our wedding we found out that the pros is a franchise type of company where anyone can just open an office with their name, even though they say they are family owned, they have locations all over the country.
  • How much have you found DJs charging?  I'm not sure how much I need to budget.
  • I've found DJ's mostly in the neighborhood of $500-$1,000. Sure Tones was $500 for my wedding size (65) and date (a Saturday in November), I don't know how much a different size or date would've changed it, and the deposit was $250. For $200 I could've added a lapel microphone rig for the ceremony, but the venue has one included, so I didn't need it. You can add uplighting for $25 per light, no matter how many you need (if you want one light, you get one light).
  • In our research we found that the more established / reputable companies typically will charge $600- $1100 for dinner and dance. All of them charge extra for ceremonies. Ours gave us a couple of tips on shopping around:

    Ask if they have insurance
    Ask if they have a back-up plan
    Ask if gratuity is included or extra
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    My DJ  is $1250. His deposit is $250 and is deducted from the total. 
    Be sure to keep in mind what kind of lights you want [uplighting, etc.], because most charge extra for that. His is all-inclusive. []
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  • Thanks everyone! We met with Sure Tones and LOVED them! So we are going with them :)
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