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I replied in the "Dress shopping" thread but the thread didn't bump to the top, and I wanted to make sure my question was seen!

So, I've set up a few appointments for next week..... including one at Posie Patch. I am super skeptical about this store.
I'm not SO much turned off by the outside, strip mall appearance of the store, but more of the reviews I've seen. If you look at the Google reviews it seems like they're all fake, 5-star ones. They have the rating and like, a few words.  The ones that don't seem phony are all really, really bad!

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Re: Posie Patch

  • I didn't go there to get my dress but I just had an appt this past weekend for my bridesmaids.  On my own personal expierence I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.  That is just my expierence though.  We had an appt set at the same time as someone else (not a big deal).  I had 5 girls with me and they all picked out the dresses they liked.  When they went to try them on, there were several benches in front of the mirrors along with 2 pedestals for the girls to stand on.  The bridal party that had the same time as us took up ALL of the benches and the pedestals.  We were basically forced to stand in the corner and my girls stood in the edge of the mirror to see themselves. My sister, who is 8 months pregnant with horrible back pain was standing next to one of the benches hoping one of them would offer a seat.  After 30 minutes I finally said something to my consultant to see if she could possibly sit down.  She said they were there first.  She didn't ask them to make room, I had to.  If you book two appts at once I think you should be able to share the space between the 2 parties and make them both feel welcome.  I felt as if we were kind of cast to the side like we didn't matter.  Needless to say we went to Alfred Angelo (where dresses were much more affordable and I felt there was more a variety) where there was MUCH better customer service and all of my girls found dresses there.  I didn't like Posie Patch at all.  I just didn't like the way my girls were treated.
  • I actually walked out of the Posie Patch without trying on any dresses, I was that turned off by the rudeness of the staff there. And it wasn't just their snide comments - in looking around, NONE of the brides in the store had a smile on their face. I wanted it to be a fun, happy experience, and I could tell it wasn't going to be one there.

    I ended up at Blue House Bridal in Carmel. It's much smaller so it doesn't have near the selection that the superstores do, but the service was incredible, and Valerie, the owner, is about the sweetest person you'll ever meet. She made the whole experience so fun and relaxed. It's a worth a trip there, I promise! 
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  • I got my dress from Posie Patch/Bridal Superstore.  It was a good experience.  There was another bride there with a large entourage and they were taking up all the space.  My consultant let us stay in the back dressing room area and try on so we didn't have to try and compete with the entourage.  I had heard the poor reviews but went anyway because they were the only place who carried the designer I wanted to try.  Overall, it was a good experience for me.

    The bridesmaids experience, however, was horrible!!!  It was very similar to what smovermyer described above.  We had an appt. but had to wait for quite a while for our consultant.  Then there was another party there who took up all the benches and the mirrors.  We were actually there before they were, but their consultant came before ours did.  I made the consultant let me stay in the dressing area with my sister so she wouldn't have to try and share a mirror with the other party.  And, all the dresses are sample sizes.  Unless you are a size 2 they are very hard to see what will look good.  The prices were also quite high for the quality.  I would not recommend them at all for bridesmaids.

    We had an appt that same day at Alfred  Angelo and it was sooo much better!   They have all sizes and an overall better selection and much better pricing.  Their customer service was really good as well.  My girls were very happy there.  I would definitely recommend them.

  • I found the staff to be rude when I went there a year ago to shop for a bridesmaid dress that my best friend wanted me to by off the rack. At one point I asked if I needed to have an appointment to try on a dress, as I was told that since I was buying a clearance dress off the rack I did not need one. The consultant told me no but that I needed to wait. After waiting about ten minutes and seeing that none of the consultants were busy and no one was using the dressing room I asked again. The staff approached me looked at me and the dress I was holding and stated "you know our dresses run small" with a disgusted look on her face. I was so pissed I put the dress back and told my fiend I didn't care if the dress was free I would not by my dress from there. After her mother begged me to get the dress I did return and had a somewhat better experience. I vowed that I would never shop there for my own wedding and I have held true to that. More intersting is that when the incident happened I tweeted and talked to other people about the situation. I found at least three other people that I knew who had a bad experience there. I know a lot of peopleon here say they had a good experience, and all experiences are relative, so you have to try them out for yourself. Maybe their better now, but I doubt it.
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  • I did end up canceling my appointment. Thanks for the advice!

    I finally bought my dress at Lucy's Bridal in Carmel -- Susan there is SUCH a doll! I had two appointments with her last week, and by the time I left the second time I seriously felt like she was family.

    I have to admit, though, that I have quite a dress fetish. I had no idea of the awesome selection we have in Indy! Between Demetrios, Nancy's Bridal Boutique, Lucy's and Alfred Angelo, I fell in love with at least 10 dresses... and tried on at least three times that. I would absolutely recommend those four stores.
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  • WOW it sucks that so many people had such bad experiences. I got my dress there and have had such a good experience working with the consultants. I even ended having my BMs go here and purchase their dresses which was really great becuase they got an additional discount off the purchase of their dress since I purchased my wedding dress here.  I'm also considering having my groomsmen get their suits here but we're looking at other places as well that are more experienced and may have more of a variety of menswear to choose from.
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    I worked with Melanie, and she was great!  However, everyone else in the store was very rude.  They wouldn't let my sister look at bridesmaids dresses.  While I was trying on gowns the lady working at the cashier came back and told us that we had to decide if we were purchasing within the next 2 minutes because they were closing.  Really??  2 minutes to decide if you want a wedding dress??  I guess we weren't quick enough, because they turned the lights off while I was still in the gown!  Our consultant had to go tell them to turn them back on so I could see to get changed.  I will never understand why someone working in a clothing store could think that they are above the people shopping there....
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    I worked with Melanie and she was fantastic!  I actually bought a dress there that she found and thought I might like.  I went to another store the same day as my appointment at Posie Patch (before I bought my dress obviously) and no one helped me in or out of the dresses, had no knowledge of the price of dresses, constantly brought me dresses to try that were outside of my price range and never "fluffed" the train to get a good look.  My parents were quite impressed with Melanie.  When I returned to get measured for my dress, they had left me a message earlier in the day to reschedule but I never received it before arriving.  They were able to accommodate me and stayed open a little late.  Everyone that I worked with and interacted with were all extremely friendly and helpful. 
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  • There were four consultants standing behind the counter who could not be bothered to acknowledge me (I had an appointment), so I started pulling my own dresses and my mom helped me try them on.  Despite being a "superstore," the variety was disappointing, and the dresses felt cheap against my skin.  We finally went to Demetrios diwn the street, was greeted and had my appointment managed by a professional, and bought the second dress I tried on.
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