Are you ready to buy a home after the Big Day? See what other homes engaged couples are looking at

Hey there Smile

Congrats to each of you! 

As if you didn't have enough on your plate with wedding planning and all...there's the whole "ok, so where are we going to live" lingering in the backburner of your mind right? 

If you think wedding planning is hard...just wait till you both get out there looking at houses. Your differences will certainly come out but I know how to take those differences and find the perfect home for both you and your Bride/Groom to be.

I know...because I've been there done that as a Groom. As a Realtor you're able to leverage my experiences and wisdom gained from being on both sides of the fence.

To that end...I've compiled quite a large list of first time home buyer homes currently for sale in and around Indy that you can sort by township, price, etc. I've tried to stay within the median ranges of what many newlyweds are actively looking for, however I can change any parameter in the search to customize it and make it more of a personalized search for you - you can contact me through the link below to set that up for you.  

After looking at the homes please let me know when you would like to schedule a showing to see inside any of them. It's totally fun and costs you nothing - Realtors are paid by the Seller at closing!

Bring your camera or I can bring mine...taking pictures of you both looking for your first home is definitely one for the scrapbook...

If you would like to see how much of a home you currently financially qualify for please email me (through the link below) and I'll send you a 5 min quick pre-qualification application that will be submitted to a local loan officer and you'll likely receive an answer the same day!

View hundreds of first time homebuyer homes in the greater Indianapolis area right here: (the link was very long so I used a link shortner provided by Google)Smile

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