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Ladies!!!! I need recommendations on local florist for my June wedding!!! 

Happy planning! :) 

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  • Have you researched any? I decided to go with the florist in my local Marsh. She had very good ideas about flower decor, the price of the flowers were comparible to other florist, and she was very well priced for labor.

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  • I have researched some, just wondering who does great work with not an expensive price!

  • Contact Richard Phillipy. He is an English teacher, but does flowers as a hobby. 317.833.4622. He can work with whatever budget you give him. 

    He is doing my flowers as well as a lot of other weddings for past students. He also does prom flowers and the flowers for all of the banquets at Lawrence Central.
  • I highly recommend Becky Ruby at Lilly Lane.  She was wonderful.  She asks what you want ideally, then helps you fit it into your budget.  Beautiful flowers!

  • I'm using Kathy's Kloset. Kathy is a sweetheart.
    I also really LOVE Becky Ruby, but Kathy was more able to give me what I want at the price I want.
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    @kelnash89 How much did he charge for your bouquet? If you have any pics I'd love to see them :)
  • I would love to see any pictures you could all share too! I'm thinking of going with a florist in Sheridan who is a friend of a friend but it would be nice to see examples from some of the other options. 
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