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Hello ladies!

My name is Emily. New to the message boards. My wedding date is 10/16/10 in Fishers, IN. My fiance, Adam, and I are looking for a caterer who can accommodate a buffet style service for about 100-120 people. Specifically we'd like to find a caterer who has BBQ options and will also provide bar service. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! We are on a limited budget so any especially affordable recommendations would be nice.


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    Juggs catering.  They are great!
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    Mmmm....Juggs!  We used them at my high school and their apple butter is amazing.  I haven't had it 12 years, but it's still making me salivate. 

    Also, if you contact your fave BBQ restaurant, a lot of them will do catering.  I live in Louisville and that's the way it is down here.

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    Check out Squealer's BBQ in Mooresville, they also have a downtown location I think.  They have AMAZING BBQ. We're using them for our outdoor wedding on 06/26 and they've been really easy to work with. We did ask about a bar service and they said they've never done that before (outside of their restaurant), so you may be able to get a good price simply b/c it will be a first for them. 
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    We're using Nelson's chicken, everyone loves their food! The prices are good and they serve it buffet style.
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    We are also doing BBQ and are on a pretty tight budget.  You may want to check out Smoke Eaters out of Beech Grove-  their food is good but they aren't fancy.  We estimated about 9-10 per person from them.
    Also Edwards Catering has good BBQ options and their food is AMAZING for kind of a local spot.  Their prices were around 8-10 per person but you have to pay for 100 people, which didn't work for us since we want to be closer to 85.
    Juggs is supposed to be good, but is more expensive than we wanted to pay.
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