Salon that does make-up for engagement pics?

I'm getting my engagement pics done this Sunday and was wondering if anyone knew of salons in Indianapolis that also do make-up?  I'm planning on getting a blow-out and would like to get my make-up done at the same time.  It's just the engagement pics so it's not a huge deal and I don't want to go through all the trouble of hiring a make-up artist to come to me.  Plus I probably couldn't get one at this point anyway.  Also, does anyone know how the ladies at the make-up counters at department stores work?  I see them doing make-up on people but don't know if they only do half your face as a sample or what.  Could I pay them to do my make-up? Any input appreciated, thanks!

Re: Salon that does make-up for engagement pics?

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    idk if this is too late...but one of my friends works at the estee lauder counter in macy's in castleton and is fabulous.  her name is stacy.  she did my make-up for my pics (but then they got rained out...) and she was fantastic!  they typically anticipate you spending at least $40 on the products they put on you (which is basically two things ha ha).

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    MAC also does makeup and there is no cost. Good luck!
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