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Hello All! Has anyone on here used Third Imrpession's Video before?! They seem awesome, and their prices are even better, but I always like to get opinions! Any advice is welcomed!!! :) Thanks! Happy planning!

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    I have never heard of anyone who has used them but it is wise to check out and meet anyone you are considering. If you rely on clips on their site and information on price and how long they have been in business, you might be disappointed. I hired my videographer after seeing clips on his site and understaning that he had been in the business for awhile. The video we got captured the day and the things that took place but the quality was not what we had expected. No closeups of my groom from the back camera (only closeups of me), they missed my MOH (my sister) as she walked down the aisle because they were too focused on the flower girls, along with my grooms sister in law who was kind of a mom stand in,  and the camera work wasn't very steady even on a tripod, the wireless mike wasn't working (we both are not soft spoken so the vows could be heard but the things that we said to each other like right after the kiss was lost.  So it is a good idea to see an actual dvd or two (at least bits and pieces) so you can see if you like the editing and camera work they do and to see if you can hear the vows. Also to make sure that you click with that person that you are going to be spending a bit of time around. Good luck in your search.
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    Did you end up using this service? If so, please message me with more on your experience!
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