Rogue Art Photography and Jet Kaiser Videography

We are looking into these two for our July 2011 wedding at the Central Library downtown.  Has anyone used them or known of anyone who has?!?!?  I would love some input!!  HAPPY PLANNING....


Re: Rogue Art Photography and Jet Kaiser Videography

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    edited December 2011
    from what i know, jet kaiser does some amazing stuff.  we used and loved it.
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    Buyer Beware! They make promises they do not keep!!!  DO NOT USE
    (1) Called less than one hour before engagement photo session, to say they could not make it. I was in stylist's chair getting finishing touches on hair done. And was out the $$ to their lack of professionalism.
    (2) Called to collect their payments, but NEVER called to talk about what I wanted for my pictures.
    (3) Refused to have a final meeting to go over details.
    (4) The 1st question they asked us as soon as they got out of their car on day of wedding " How long do you want us to stay?"
    (5) Did not get requested photos
    (6) Did not get my pictures to me by date on contract- I had to call and ask for them.
    (7) Did not get everything that was listed in contract- and upon calling them, they made no attempts to make it right
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    This is Brian from Rogue Art Photography and I would like to respond to some of the comments stated above. First off we are incredibly sorry that any client is anything but ecstatic about their pictures and we take every concern to heart. It truly does make us sick that you feel this way, but again I did want to address the things that you said.


    1. We were able to shoot a full engagement session.  After the engagement session they said that they would like an additional, shorter session to capture some of the turning leaves in their yard.  Canceling a photo shoot is something we've never done in 4 years of business and we are sorry that it happened. But the circumstances surrounding it were that my wife Amy was having a pancreatic attack and I had to drive her to the hospital to which she was later admitted for a few days. We tried to reschedule soon after but schedules conflicted and weren't able to. We called as soon as we got off the phone with the doctors letting us know that we needed to go to the hospital.


    2. We tell all our clients that we are just a phone call or e-mail away. If anything changes, you have any questions, concerns or updates to your wedding or your ideas for the day PLEASE call us. In the months leading up to the wedding the phone number that we were originally given was no longer in use and e-mail correspondence was sporadic so after acquiring a new phone number we were able to talk.


    3. Like I said, we love meeting with clients, and it is usually (but not always) the case that we try to meet 30 days before to collect the last payment and talk details. A majority of the correspondence at this point was just through e-mail. We received the wedding day schedule through e-mail and a final meeting was never requested so we assumed that everything was ok.


    4. We did ask that question when we arrived. We also had some other questions regarding the time schedule that we wanted to clear up before the day got going. As with all wedding days we want to all be on the same page.


    5. We try extremely hard to get absolutely every single angle to the wedding day that we can. We tried our hardest to get every image that you wanted and more.


    6. The online gallery was two days late in being uploaded. We were working hard to get them up on the date the contract stated and am sorry that we were two days late.


    7. The contract did state that they were to receive a canvas print of their favorite wedding image. We were waiting on their approval as to the picture they wanted for their canvas. But after talking to them on the phone, it was agreed that they no longer wanted the canvas but rather a DVD of all the un-edited images. This is usually something that we never do, but because of the situation and wanting to make it right we sent out a DVD of the images free of charge to them. 


    Again, we are very sad that they feel this way, and truly feel bad that this was their experience with Rogue Art Photography,



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