Okay, last addition to the wedding recap

I forgot about my flowers. I used J P Parker from downtown. I knew Chuck from when he worked at Steve's flowers so I felt he would do a great job and he didn't let me down. I have always loved irises and since my colors were blue and purple, I went with what I loved and the upside is they are in season right now. It was filled with blue and purple irises and ivory stock and I was surprised at how much I liked it. When I spent the night at my Mom's, I was looking through a little chest and in there I found a button from my Dad's old Navy peacoat from when he was in during WWII and I knew that would be perfect to have a piece of my Dad there since he died about a year and a half ago and it felt right to use that as the old and borrowed item. So my coordinator attached it to the handlle of the bouquet. I hated to not save the bouquet I truly loved so I asked my Mom to hang it up to dry. If it works, I will put it back together and put it in a display case and have it as decoration in our house. I have attached pictures if anyone wants to see any of my day.
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