Rehearsal Dinner Questions

Ok so this may seem silly but I have so many questions about the rehearsal dinner.  I am the first in my family and out of my friends to be gettiing married and have been to one wedding...EVER so all of this is new to me.  First of all who all goes?  If significant others of the bridal party come, do we pay for them?  Is it ok to have it catered or do we take everyone out? And does someone give a speech at the dinner?  I am lost....

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    I have been to A LOT in my day and have seen a little bit of everything. :) But at the least yes, you should invite significant others and yes, you should pay. That being said, you can have it JUST the WP (and their SOs), or you can extend it. I've been to some where they hosted any OOT guests that were already in town. But this isn't necessary. I've also been to one that was just catered in the kitchen of the church, very low-key. I've been to others that are elaborate events at restaurants. One was in a conference room at the hotel where most people were staying. Heck, you could even have it at your house. Basically, the premise is, since you're asking the WP to 'rehearse' usually on the evening before, it's customary to then feed them. So take that however far you want. Heck, you could even order pizzas and have them to your home. Also, 'tradition' is that the father of the groom 'hosts' (pays), but this doesn't have to be the case. As for toasts, usually whomever is hosting will say a toast to welcome/thank people for coming, but that's up to you, too. It's also a good time to hand out your WP gifts. Hope this helps a little!
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    I agree with bemore17. You can have any style/type of RD you want. Also, the ones I have been to and at my RD, the bride and groom say something individually to their wedding party. Bride to the bridesmaids, MOH, and groom to the groomsmen, BM. And to their families. But ours was a low key RD at a restaurant.
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