Cartoon Cutouts for a Fun Wedding Reception for Sale!

So for my April wedding, my husband and I made these cutouts, pictured below. However, since my venue did not inform me that the patio on which we had planned to put them, was unavailable to us, we did not get to use them. We spent at least $250 and countless man-hours making these pieces, which had been meant for a surprise for my niece, nephews, and "baby" cousins, and never got to use them.


If someone is interested in buying them, e-mail me at [email protected] (Since I am now married, I won't be checking this nearly as often. ;]) We would like to see them go for $175 OBO.


They are supported by hinged triangle wood pieces. Most of the holes are child-height, or even toddler-height, but the holes are also big enough for adults. (This is a standard sized garage that they are up against. The photo is prior to the supports being put on, they stand up straight with the supports.) There is minor sanding of the supports that would be suggested. And I really mean minor. Just a couple rough spots that could potentially give a little child a splinter. 


I'm 5'3" and I could "fit" by kneeling slightly for several of them. We were bummed to see them not fit into our day, but would love to see someone else's day have this special highlight with minimal effort. :) They stand approximately 5'5"x3'6" (This is a guess.)


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