Eagle Creek Park

Has anyone had their wedding or been to one at Eagle Creek Park? Newly engaged and on a super tight budget. Is it any good?

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    We are having our reception there at Eagle's Hideaway Retreat and it is gorgeous-very affordable too ($125/hr).  There is a smaller retreat which is even cheaper called Eagle's Crest-my parents had their reception there 30 years ago and people still talk about it.  Hope this helps!
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    Thanks! Are they pretty easy to work with? And how many are going to your reception?
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    I haven't had any problems getting a hold of them so far.  Eagle's Hideaway has a 125 person maximum inside the building, but we are having a tent out back and there will probably be closer to 130 at the reception.  Eagle's Crest is smaller-I believe they had a 100 person maximum inside.  It is also cheaper and not renovated like the Hideaway, but still nice.  Very rustic.
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    Since it's part of the Park's Dept can alcohol be served there?
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    Yes!  You'll just need a liquor license, whoever is serving it.  I am even having kegs at mine, with no problems.  They're really very easy to work with.  Feel free to email me at evanandchad2012@gmail if you have any other questions!
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