Hello everyone!

Hi all! :) My name is Amira and I am what my fellow geeks would call a "Level 1 Wedding Planner" or "Wedding n00b". My fiance and I are getting married in Bloomington, IN in July 2013. I was told by a friend who had recently gotten married that the wedding boards on this site had been amazingly helpful. :)

Does anyone have any recommendations for vendors in the Bloomington area or any advice/tips for planning?

Can't wait to meet everyone. :D

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  • My photographer is on the south side of Indy but I would guess she travels. I have gotten lots of compliments on my pictures. She is Donna Rice Photography and she has great enthusiasm and she loves what she does and you can tell. I used Pam Rowley of Mary Kay for my make-up. Got my dress at Special Occasion and Consignment near Greenwood Park mall on 31 and Main. Had a coordinator who also alters dresses by the name of Fashions Customs and Creations (FCCI) - Marie Frey. I would not recomend my videographer though so I won't even name them.

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    My daughter got married in Nashville and her reception was at the Abe Martin Lodge in the State Park.  Her DJ was El on Wheels and she was AWESOME and I felt her price was reasonable.  Our photographer was Ashtin Buchannan and her prices were good and her work is beautiful (she has a degree in fashion photography from Ball State), but I had to keep contacting her after the wedding to get the pictures....but they were great when we did get them.  Our videographer was Xoomworx ( you can see a clip on Utube...type in Xoomworx Megan and Ryan).  The finished video did not have all the special our request.    His prices were reasonable and he stayed through the entire wedding and reception, he was very prompt with the finished product and this work was good.  My only complaint was that he was a little intrusive during the ceremony, it was a Catholic Mass, but I mentioned my concerns and I think he will be more careful in the future.  That said, he did get some excellent shots.  We rented an old fashion looking car from Hoosier Limos...they were great.  On time and very accommodating.  We got the tuxes and bridesmaids dresses from That Special Touch in Columbus...also the bride's flowers.  The ladies there are wonderful and seem to really enjoy what they do.  We ordered the rest of the flowers from Sam's Club and did the rest of the flowers for the wedding and centerpieces for just a little over $100.  They came out great.
    Here's a question for you.....One of my biggest worries was getting the decorations set up for the reception...the lodge only sat up the tables and chairs and put on the tablecloths.  We were a very DIY wedding so we had to set up all the decorations ourselves.  So...I have been thinking of starting a business where I would go the the reception hall and set the decorations up and meet the vendors and make sure they get things set up right....kind of a mini day of coordinator.   This is just in the planning stages, and I an just trying to get opinions if it's something people would be interested in.  I would be doing it more for the fun of it, so I could keep my fees reasonable and do as much or as little as the bride wants.  What do you as a bride think of the idea???
  • I Love Bloomington Weddings! Feel free to check out my work at  Happy Planning!Smile
  • Joel, vendors are not supposed to be advertising on here. If you want to advertise, you have to pay to do that.
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