Indianapolis DJ Recommendations??

Does anyone have a DJ they would recommend in the Indianapolis area? Our wedding is next June and we have started searching and become overwhelmed with all the options as well as deciding the characteristics to consider in picking one. Anything you can recommend would be appreciated!!

Re: Indianapolis DJ Recommendations??

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    our dj in mpls gave us a checklist of questions to ask:

    1) how many weddings have they done?
    2) do they have insurance?
    3) back-up DJ's and equipment?
    4) what is the final price? any hidden fees?
    5) do they have a deposit?
    6) can you customize the music/events?
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    Why not ask any of the vendors who you have chosen which DJs they like. That being said, Bernie Eagan from the radio station 105.7 is great. I had been to a couple of receptions where he played and I knew I wanted him to do our wedding reception. 
    The last reception I went to had MGS DJ's as their DJ. Mike West did a great job there as well. Good luck in your search.
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    I am using Xsight Music out of Kokomo. He travels for free and has been doing weddings for more than 25 years. His price is 850$. I also interviewed Jared from Sure Tones Entertainment. I was impressed with him, recommend him, and his price was significantly less than Xsight because he hasn't been in business long (I asked). I would have chosen him and been confident about my choice, but my FH wanted someone with more experience. I aslo had a meeting with Event One DJs in Broad Ripple. They were more expensive, but were a much more established business with a number of DJs and options. I think they would have done a good job, but were a little less personal than what we were looking for. Hope that helps.
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    I am using Event One DJ's - it's mentioned above in a post. I went to a wedding where Wes was the DJ (they have multiple) and the music selection was phenomenal. Also, he was not at all cheesy, so we are going with them in June, as well :-)  Good luck!
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    I am also using EventOne (like lbouza) - we went to a wedding recently where they emceed and they did an awesome job, we even talked about how good they were at the wedding.  I talked to the bride of that wedding about using them and she raved about how easy to work with they were.  They also now offer a photobooth that we're also renting.  Good luck!
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    DJ Dr. Dance has done several events for me, and will be doing my wedding in October! Check him out, he's SO great!
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