Indy Bridal Shower Locations

Any suggestions for bridal shower locations?  Preferrably on the Westside.

Re: Indy Bridal Shower Locations

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    Ditto!  My BM is trying to find a place and having problems.  Most of my guests will be coming from the southside, but we're open to other options! 
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    Dawson's in Speedway is really nice and has great food.  They don't have a private room but I have seen it closed for parties before, so it might be worth checking into.

    I hosted a baby shower for my best friend at Patachou downtown on W. Washington St.  The food there is wonderful and it's a great combination of breakfast and lunch choices.  Here's the menu -

    There's really no shortage of restaurants and places on the west side.  Do you have any more specifics of what type of place you're looking for?
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    We do several bridal showers at Creation Cafe and Euphoria. We have a great space, that personal and private, reasonably priced, great food and a beautiful view. Visit our website at Creation Cafe and Euphoria. 
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