Malone's Catering

I am looking to host my daughters reception at Beeson Hall in Franklin Indiana. The only catering company they will allow is Malone's Catering. I did a google search and got very mixed reviews. Have any of you on here used them or know of anyone who did?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Malone's Catering

  • I knew someone that use to work there and when her daughter got married, they used Malones and the food was really outstanding. I have talked with her sense and she said that chef is working at the Columbia club so unfortunately no idea about how they are now though.
  • Malone's Catering is AWESOME!  I've had it numerous times.  They are willing to work with pretty much any budget and any type of style. (Pasta, Steak, Sandwiches, ect.)  I've even been to a Hawaian Pig Roast that was catered by Malones. AMAZING. 
    I'll be honest, Steve Malone and his wife go to my church, so, I've experienced a ton of their catering.  You might call me a little biased, but I really think think their food is great!
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