Where is everyone getting married?

I am getting married August 6h, 2011 at Gatekeepers in Tahoe City. Who is everyone using for vendors? So far i have Peter at Mountain Magic, Camelot party rentals for tent/table/chairs.etc, and friends doing cake, hair, etc. Would love ideas on 3 day itinerary for OOT guests! We want to do a block of rooms somewhere for them, but not sure where. THoughts?

Re: Where is everyone getting married?

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    I have a different vendor - Peter at Mountain Magic would not let me discuss any details with him because I did not have a venue booked yet. That kinda turned me off, but I'm hoping you will have a good time with him, he did seem very courteous and pleasant in his e-mails. We are getting married in South Lake Tahoe, so we have some different companies from yours. 

    Have you thought about suggesting guests to rent cabins for the weekend? There are tons of cabins for rent around Kings Beach and Tahoe City. You could also check Kings Beach for a hotel block, your guests could venture out to Nevada and hit the casinos there. :)
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    Yes! We just went up there, met with the caterer, and we scoped out Tahoe City hotels, and we are def going to suggest VRBO cabins. Where are you getting married in South Lake?:)

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    We're getting married in South Lake Tahoe. We haven't exactly nailed down our ceremony location, but our reception is booked for the South Room at Edgewood in South Lake Tahoe. I wanted to do a big outdoor affair, but I couldn't really afford to hire a wedding coordinator so I decided to go somewhere where everything would just be taken care of and I didn't have to worry about it. Gatekeeper's is beautiful!

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    We're getting married in  Zephyr Cove. It's beautiful, and the only place I could find that would do a beach wedding with a tent reception where I didn't have to pay and arm and a leg for a coordinator, or do all of the coordinating myself, plus they take care of virtually everything! Even down to having staff keep people from walking anywhere near the ceremony area. Plus it's relatively small and private which I like.
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    I'm actually intested at the Zehry Cove site for my ceremony and reception.  I havent been to the venue yet though so I've only gotten to see pictures.  Have you actually been and tried their food and seen the location?  If so I would love any suggestions/detials you are willing to give! :)
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    I've been to the location twice, the second time they were setting up for an evening wedding which is what we are having and it was gorgeous. My fiance loved it, it was smaller than he thought it was going to be but said it was perfect for our small-ish intimate wedding of about 60. As for the food...I haven't tasted it yet, being a full time student in my last semester it doesn't leave a lot of free time BUT I plan on scheduling a tasting here soon and can let you know how it goes if you want.

    I think the biggest thing for me is that they can take care of everything for you if you want, or you can do your own thing with your own vendors (aside from food/drink), and it's not outrageously expensive. Plus they keep people away from your ceremony if it's on the beach which is a plus, I haven't seen any other place that really does that.
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    Great, Thanks for the info!  Every bit helps :) Congrats by the way!!!!
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    What location are the pictures in your footer of??
    It looks great
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    I'm getting married at the end of August at Lakeside Beach, with the reception a few blocks away at the Embassy Suites. My fiance and I visited Tahoe this summer to check out venues and happened upon a sunset wedding at Lakeside, and we both loved it. The view is so gorgeous, and it is close to the casinos, which is what we wanted because we mostly have a younger crowd. The Embassy is really nice, and not super expensive.
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    I'm getting married at Emerald Bay in January 2011. We are going through Lake of the sky Weddings.
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    I went to the complimentary tasting this past Sunday on the Tahoe Queen and it was fantastic. We tried 4 appetizers and 4 entrees (real portions too), and even did some wine tasting. I was a little nervous since we already put down our deposit but after being there on Sunday I'm extremely happy with our choice. So if you are still looking at ZCR the food is really good! (My fiance as well as my dad are picky eaters and they loved it.)
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    I'm getting married in Vegas at the Special Memory Chapel with about 20 guests. We are all flying from south Fl. We think it will be fun for everyone & there is plenty of entertainment before & after the wedding to make it an awesome trip for everyone.
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    I've just booked my wedding at Sand Harbor Beach, on the east shore of Lake Tahoe.  Very beautiful location.  Getting married in June.  So excited!!!
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    [QUOTE]I've just booked my wedding at Sand Harbor Beach, on the east shore of Lake Tahoe.  Very beautiful location.  Getting married in June.  So excited!!!
    Posted by coramapa[/QUOTE]

    LOVE SAND HARBOR!  We are having a pre-wedding BBQ for everyone who is going to be in town the day before our wedding.  My FI's family owns property in Truckee, and that's the beach they ALWAYS go to.  So excited for you, you couldn't have picked a more gorgeous spot!
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