North Side of Tahoe - Make Up and Hair Referral?


We are doing a destination wedding, just us and the two kids, at the MontBleu Resorts in Tahoe. I think this is the North side (I don't know the area). Anyway, we may just use the salon in the resort to do make up and hair, but I was wondering if anyone had any referrals of someone who make does these things on the side (small business so to speak) who does a great job and would be willing to come to the resort to do it. I know this would be less expensive than the resort so it'll help the budget. Thanks!

Re: North Side of Tahoe - Make Up and Hair Referral?

  • That's actually the south side of the lake. You can go to Lulu's (inside the casino) or I would highly recommend going to Imagine Salon. It's located in the Crescent V Shopping Center just down the street from Montbleu. There's also a Raleys, Starbucks, Sports LTD... the salon is located right next to Dog, Dog, Cat. 
  • Thanks so much! 
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