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I am new here. I am currently living out of state but am trying to plan a July 2011 wedding. I received information from my parent's friends about a wedding at the N. Lake Tahoe Event Center. I was wondering if anyone has any experiences or knows anyone who has booked or attended a wedding there? As you can imagine, I am hesitant to book a venue that I am unable to view =/. Any help or suggestions would be great! 


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    It's right next to a wonderful restaurant called "Jason's"!!! 

    The event center is right off of the lake.  Plenty of parking and a nice beach to get married on.  The building is a little plain inside, but with a few decorations, you should be set!

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    I've acutally looked at that Venue - it was a top choice, however a few things I personally didn't like:

    The inside of the building - the ceiling has a dark green in it.  You can do treatments with material to cover it up, but I also was having a pretty good sized wedding, and felt like I would be clausterphobic.

    The outside were the ceremony would take place was our favorite.  If we didn't have such a huge group and had issues with transportations from where our reception is going to be, we would definately snag this.  However -I am picky and don't like the idea of people walking int he background on the pubilc beach, and the jetskis tied up.  If you are not picky, and jsut want the GORGEOUS background, and are ok with touching up the inside, this place would be a good choice. 

    Again - the inside of the building is all I felt was bothering me.  I wanted an outside wedding mostly, and this was not going to work. 
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    P.S  I would seriously recommend trying to make it out to Tahoe to look at venues.  You can fly in the night before, make a ton of appointments the next day, and then fly out that evening or the next morning.  It's a dangerous move picking venues without looking at them.  We saw 5 and were only impressed with 1.
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