Estates vs. Resorts on Tahoe?

Hi all,
I am newly engaged and looking a tahoe destination wedding.  There are so many places to choose from and have no idea what were thinking right now....I do have a couple questions for anyone who has experienced a wedding on tahoe....

Has anyone had an experience with Blue Onion Catering catering company?  I stumbled upon them on a destination website and I see they cater at estates on Tahoe.

Also comparing estates vs. resorts what are you opinions on prices with each, like which one would be more budget friendly??

Thanks for your thoughts!

Re: Estates vs. Resorts on Tahoe?

  • Hi!  We're having our wedding in Tahoe next September at Fitzhaven Estate; we're using Mountain Magic Catering and Event Masters for our rentals.  We just got back form our Tahoe trip to pick the venue and our rehearsal dinner spot (Gar Woods).  We visited several estates as well as resorts so hopefully I can help you out!  How many guests are you expecting?  Do you have an idea of your budget?  Will you be able to visit Tahoe to pick your venue?  Have you been to the area before and do you know if you'd prefer north or south lake?  Sorry for all the questions but it will help!

    Oh - and congrats!
  • THank you for your input, I appreciate it!
    We will probably have a small 50-75 person wedding.  No idea of budget right yet as I am a student and will graduating in May (hopefully with a job lol).
    I will be heading to Tahoe in March and have never been before.  By my research I see that North is a bit pricier than South, and it seems that south has decent deal on hotels in a close proximity to resorts and Casinos.

    I do feel that I would like to spend the most money in food and beverages rather than a lavish decor.  I am also torn between the rustic woodsy feel of tahoe or the beach theme.  I saw that Round hill pines has a great place for a beachy theme, but cannot find many reviews.

    I have seen Fitzhaven and it is beautiful!  That should be a gorgeous wedding. I also saw another mansion on the lake but forgot the looked like something that would be in Cape cod. lol.

    Again thank you for your help!
  • I am also traveling to Tahoe for my wedding in October.  We chose Embassy suites.  They pretty much take care of everything.  There are so many beautiful choices there.  I would advise you to go look around and find what suits you.
  • Our wedding is in Aug and here are all our vendors we are using. We chose to rent a house for the weekend same cost as a venu for 4 hours. So close friends and family stay wih us and have a huge party all weekend
  • I think a huge thing to consider when choosing resort vs Estate is how much time do you want to spend preping for your wedding and do you have help.  When I figured it out it was cheaper for us to go the resort route since the ALL of my rentals are included, I have an event coordinator prior to and the day of and I don't have to clean up. If I had to pay for these costs seperate it would have far exceeded what we are paying.  Oh, and my venue has a kitchen and outstanding chef... thats another huge savings. 
  • Site fee is $7900. Margie is really nice. The fee includes the whole weekend and I think you can stay at the house too. Double check on that. It's dog friendly and they offer a military discount. Often, if someone is hosting a small wedding, you can see if you can combine with the other party, like they have the party on Friday and you on Saturday visa/versa. That way you can combine rentals, etc. and the site fee is different. I don't think this is a common occurance, but that was an option for one date this June. We decided to not book at this time because we pushed the wedding back to next year.
  • Hello!

    I am newly engaged and we are looking at Tahoe wedding sites too!

    Requirements as of now are:
    200 people size
    ceremony & reception site
    allows alcohol to be brought in
    by the water or views of the water
    North Tahoe preferred

    Anyone have recommendations?  Lost on where to start!  Thanks!

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