My brothers want to marry in Lake Tahoe

Hello to all. I'm new in this site. We are three brothers and I'm the younger one. My papa give the whole responsibility of my elder brothers wedding on me. I love my family so much. My father is a businessman and He wants to do this marriage ceremony very largely. Because, my eldest brother did his marry in Europe and my father was very sick at that time so we couldn't do the marriage ceremony of my eldest brother, John very gorgreously. Now, it is the time to make my elder brother, Kolin's marriage ceremony memorable. I know Kolin's favorite place is Lake Tahoe in Navada, USA. We want to do his weeding there and I've already told my papa. He accpted my request and guys, believe it He also wants to do that. I also love LAKE TAHOE so much. I went there once when I was 15. One of my best Friend said that  there are many beatiful venues in LAKE TAHOE for wedding. So, I know about this site. Because, the site will do the whole make up of the weeding. Please guys help me to find out some
<a href="">lake tahoe wedding venues</a> 


for my handsome brother's weeding. I already check some website. Please help me.
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