New...and looking at Zephyr Cove

So I'm relatively new here, my FH and I are getting married up in Tahoe next June and I recently went to look at the Zephyr Cove resort. My question is, has anyone had/planning a wedding here, or attended a wedding here (a beach ceremony/tent reception)? Good experiences, bad experiences? I love that they are such a full service venue but I'm still unsure...

Re: New...and looking at Zephyr Cove

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    Hello and congrats!

    I've never been there myself, but I had a friend who was a guest at someone's wedding at the same location. She thought the place was gorgeous and had a great time. She said the only problem was that it sucked having to drive back to town after all the fun because the bride/groom did not provide transportation. She said the road was so dark and not really well-lighted. So perhaps that is something you can provide for your guests, if you are doing a hotel block. I believe it is like 5 miles past the casinos? 

    I think the place is simply gorgeous - my only beef with it is that it is in Nevada, and my FI insists on getting married in California so we are staying closer to town :) 

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    Thanks for the feedback =)!

     Yeah they do have a shuttle option which we would look into so that people wouldn't have to worry about the drive back. We were also thinking about blocking rooms at the resort so people could stay there if they wanted to as well and it would be w/in walking distance.

    Since I'm still new...what would be the disadvantage to getting married in NV as opposed to CA? Or is it just personal preference?

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    I looked at Zephyr cove and it looked great in both summer and winter. Keep in mind it is a busy watersports location, so there will be a lot of speedboat/jetski type folks around. I thought the cabins were sooooo cute. It also has a great picnic/bbq area if you were thinking of doing a rehearsal dinner bbq or picnic style.

    Best wishes!

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