Lakeside Beach vs. Tahoe Beach & Ski Club

Are there any pros and cons between these two? Big/ugly buildings right next to the site, wondering beach goers, etc.? I want to know any and all details if you have been to either of these locations... Pictures are even better if you have any!!! 

Also how was the coordination of the wedding itself?! 

TIA!!! :) 

Re: Lakeside Beach vs. Tahoe Beach & Ski Club

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    I have pictures of my wedding ceremony at lakeside beach. If you want to see how it looked I can e-mail them to you. The ceremony site was gorgeous! There were people on the public part of the beach next door but I didn't even notice them because they posted signs and attendants to keep people away of the area where the ceremony was and a sign to even keep them out of the water in front of the ceremony. The building on site was fine (I read a post awhile back saying it was ugly, but it was covered w/ flowers on a trellis so I thought it was fine..). One of the most frequent comments I got from our guests was how beautiful our ceremony location was.
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