Menu card location?

Hi ladies,

We are having family style dinner so I do not feel the need to have a menu card for every guest. Would it be okay to have 1 menu card per table? Or what are your thoughts on having it by at the table with all of the place cards?

Or is it common to just give everyone a menu card? I just think it's a bit of a waste of paper....

Re: Menu card location?

  • I have seen one each but it was not necessary. I have also seen 2/table. You might not read it right away but I think it was fine.

    I don't know which is common but I don't mind sharing.
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    We didn't do menu cards at all, I didn't think they were necessary or worth the paper/time involved in making them.  Anyone with food allergies had told us in advance and we had informed the staff. 

    I've seen the menu cards in a double sided sign (either just a tented card or an acrylic 4x6 picture frame) near the centerpiece in the middle.

    Another option is to write the menu on one big board (chalkboard, window, etc.) and put it by the bar so people can read it during cocktail hour and get an idea of what's coming up.

    Either way (menu cards or no menu cards) the decision is up to you, there's no right or wrong way to do it.
  • I have been debating this myself. We are doing a buffet style meal, and thought it might help speed up the buffet lines if they already know what is there and what they're looking for...
  • Yes - I think 1 or 2 per table is a great idea.

    I started thinking of just having a board near the place cards but we are having traditional bangladeshi food (indian food) so it will be nice for my guests to read what is in each dish while they're sitting down at their table.

    Thanks ladies!
  • I think 2 per table is good - one on each side, so if you have a table of 8, 4 can read one and vice versa.  I think it's great to know about the different dishes!   I've seen it in a frame as well as just a stand alone card or tent style card.
  • Hi
    I have seen the menu with the table number card (2 in one)

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