Reception at The Manor in Kettleby.

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had their reception, or has booked their reception venue at The Manor in Kettleby Ontario.  My fiance and I are looking into it.  Any idea about price per person?

Re: Reception at The Manor in Kettleby.

  • nay1984nay1984 member
    I booked for april 2013! very excited and prices seemed to be matched with other venues we went to see..

    thanks for the wedding cutting tip! i will be on that
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  • Hi Everyone, I am so happy I found this thread. I was hoping to get some thoughts from you guys that have been there for a wedding. I booked for July 2013 and when I went it was winter so I couldn't see how it was in the summer. I went last week and was a little worried

    1) When I enter the doors, there were 3 weddings that day and the first thing I saw were like 10 people waiting for their appts. If I was a guest, I would feel awkward to see so many ppl dressed in casual clothes. Did you guys experienced that?

    2) I was shocked that the grounds weren't manicured well. On the right side of the pond, there were so many weeds and grass that weren't cut. It looked really bad where my dad even made a comment. Flowers in the pots were dead. Did anyone experienced that?

    3) Nonetheless having 3 weddings there is quite crazy. Did you run into a lot of other guests? If anyone were in the room in the basement, did you hear thomping or noises from above floors? Please let me know.

    I really hope someone would reply!

    Thanks, Vie
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