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Has anyone purchased wedding insurance? I'm looking for an insurer that will cover the reception hall deposit/fees in the event that a) the place goes out of business before the wedding or b) natural or unnatural occurences render the hall unusuable (e.g., fire, flood, etc)

I looked into HBC Wedding Insurance ( but it looks like it covers only attire, gifts, cake, flowers, video, photography, rings.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance:)

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    We did - our venue required it.  I can't remember the name of the company, however, but I will try and remember to take a look tomorrow and find it.  It covers things like deaths in the family and things like that just in case.  Most people think it covers the "what if I decide I don't want to get married anymore" issue, which it does not.

    I wouldn't have gotten it if our venue didn't require it however, and I believe it was about $250.
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    If you click on "Policy" at the bottom of the page, it specifically mentions the venue. It also explicitly mentions reimbursement when a venue is closed on the date of your event.
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    I was considering wedding insurance but then we didn't bother with it. We would have went with The insurance we were looking at would have cost us $100.00
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    My guy looked into it and we realized that the premium just wasn`t worth it in the end... The manager at our reception site said she thought you can often just put a rider on your house insurance for $25-ish to cover some risk& liability.

    But for things like people drinking and driving, the server of the alcohol is left with the brunt of the responsibility, though hopefully this never becomes an issue.

    It seems like wedding insurance is just another cash grab, but if your event is a year or more away, it could be worth the peace of mind. Hope it works out for you!
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