Where can i shorten heels?

i have a pair of beautiful  heels that i purchased and i knew they where high when i got them.

i just had to have was a situation of buy them now or lose them...its a one of a kind..

anyhow...but i had in my mind to get them shortened..can i get this done..if so does anyone know where...i live in pickering..

Re: Where can i shorten heels?

  • I go to this shoe repair guy and he can do anything with shoes. Try calling some different shoe repair shops and see if they can do that. I would think that they would probably need to remove the current heel and add a shorter heel.
  • I don't know a place in Pickering - but any local, independent shoe repair place should be able to do it.  We have one inside our Fortinos, I like him.  I can't remember if it's 1/4" or 1/2" they can take off easily, without it affecting how the shoe fits to the ground when you walk.
  • on the search for my local shoe repair store!
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