Getting married in the US!

Has anyone living in Toronto gotten married in the states?  We're getting married in New England near my parents next June, & already the stress of long-distance planning is getting to me!  My mother is a huge help, but she can only do so much on her own.  Also, we're wondering about legal issues; do we need to fill out any additional paperwork to make the marriage legal in Canada?Anyone have any tips or advice?  Thanks!

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    You will definitely need some paperwork.  I would contact the US Embassy in Canada directly to make sure you get accurate information.   Each state has slightly different rules and regulations as well.  (makes it more fun!  :P )  Good luck with it all.   -Suzy
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    Thank you!
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    I'm from Toronto, FI is from PA, we're living in Japan right now, and getting married in NY.  Imagine our immigration paperwork!!!!Right now I'm applying to sponsor him for his PR status so he can work in Canada for the three months we'll live there before the wedding.  Not an easy task.
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