When are you doing your first dance/speeches?

This is still one thing I have to decide....when to do the first dance.  I've seen some people get announced and then go to the dance floor for their first dance, and then some people after dinner do the first dance.  I'm trying to decide which would be less boring for our guest to sit the beginning, or after dinner?And do you do speeches after dinner, or during dinner, or does it not matter?TIA

Re: When are you doing your first dance/speeches?

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    I would tend to think that the first dance should start off the evening's dancing for everyone.. So after the speeches; at the end of all of your slideshows/ thank-you's etc. The M.C. can say something like... "Now to get the party started, let's welcome the bride and groom to the floor for their first dance" he he he maybe that's cheesy, but you know what I mean ;) Also, I would do speeches after dinner - this way people are not sitting there hungry. Hunger pains make everything else seem annoying  especially speeches and dance performances... but if you do the speeches after dinner then everyone will be full and relaxed and will be able to enjoy and focus on the speeches and watching the dances (because they won't be thinking "when are we going to eat?")
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    I was at a wedding recently where they did their first dance as soon as they entered, and I thought it was so nice. I think they really had everyone's attention and it was a nice way to welcome everyone in. I think that's what I will do - plus it kind of surprises everyone. The only downside is that it doesn't serve to open up the dance floor to everyone.
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    Hi Shana,I just got married August 1st and we did our dance right after we were announced.  We were already on the dance floor and everyone was excited to see us, plus we were pretty nervous about that part so it got our nerves out early and we were able to relax.  We did a father/daughter and mother/son dance after dinner (before everyone else started dancing) and that was just about right.  I feel like two "scheduled" dances right after dinner would have been too boring for people.As for the speeches, we did them throughout dinner (a speech between each course).  We had about 130 people so the head table was finishing eating just as some tables were being served that course.  We were doing speeches as people were eating, but it really moved the evening along so that we had more time to dance (if that is what you are after).  This worked really well for us, but I think it depends upon the size of your wedding too.Hope that helps you out :)
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    I was recently at a wedding where the couples' first dance was right after they were announced, before the first course was served. What I loved about that evening was that the dance floor was open in between courses, and couples would go up and waltz and foxtrot while they were waiting for food.. it was really cute!The bride/father and groom/mother dances were after dinner. Speeches were throughout the meal, culminating with the couples' speech after dinner.
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    We are planning to do our first dance after dinner and speeches throughout dinner. Specifically, we are going to have the the father of the bride speech and father of the groom speech after the appetizer is served and then the best man and matron of hounour speeches after the dinner is served and then our thank you speech will be after dessert is served. This way, guests can eat while the speeches are being given and the night can get started after dessert b/c people are always anxious to get up and move around. We will take a 15 minute break after dessert and come to do our first dance. We are combining our father/daughter dance with the mother/son and probably skipping a wedding party dance.

    I have seen this done at a couple of weddings it the flow worked really well. Everyone listened during the speeches and it wasn't awkward for the servers b/c they had already served the course and disappeared and the speeches will be short enough that you won't get them clearing tables while people are trying to speak. I used to work weddings back in the day while going through university and it was always awkward to move around while speeches were being done!

    Just my of luck with the planning ..there is no "right" or "wrong" way; it's whatever you want it to be.
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