Who's going to the National Bridal Show this wkend?

Any tips on what to hit and what to miss? I also hear that it's a good idea to pre-print labels for contests and such... just my name and address? Let the games begin!

Re: Who's going to the National Bridal Show this wkend?

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    AVOID Table Charm. They'll tell you to enter a honeymoon contest to get your contact info, then call you in a few weeks to tell you you've "won" something, and to please come in to listen to a presentation, blah blah blah.I wouldn't bother with the labels. The more people you give your contact to, the more junk mail you'll receive later.Eat cake :)
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    I second ringpop on the table charm thing, and on the not giving out your contact info to too many places.  The only thing I "won" was $500 off some ridiculously expensive package - by some really bad photographers nonetheless.  I was harassed for months by some invitation place - but it was totally my fault for giving out my number.I got some really great info on dj's, and went with a dj company from there.  They had a really good deal the following weekend and the dj we got was awesome - they were called Red Entertainment.Also, the Bay registry was great if you are looking to register.  They gave a $50 gift card for signing up (and they call to remind you to come in).  The only thing I wasn't happy with was that it had to be started by November (which was a little early for my liking), and the stuff they had on display there was way too expensive.  They tell you to tick off stuff from a book but there are no prices in it, and then they add that to your registry for you.  I looked at my registry and there were $800 appliances - but they are easily removed by you later.  Anyway, it was a fun experience and you should definitely go - but expect to be overwhelmed.  And eat cake, like ringpop said ;)Sorry so long
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