Leis or similar garlands in Toronto area

Hello all!
 Just got a budget boost and I want to spend it on leis.  I'm having a roof top wedding reception and as a result I think my options are going to be limited as far as decor goes.  My fiance and I love colour so we want to buy leis or flower garlands of some kind to "decorate" our guests at our casual yet stylish, wild party of a reception.
does anyone know of any place to order leis?  I live in Paris, Ontario but can get to Toronto area if that is what it takes.

Re: Leis or similar garlands in Toronto area

  • If you are looking for real flower leis.. I would think any florist could do them for you. If you are looking for artificial.. Party city carries them. Oriental trading company is probably cheaper and seems to have a good selection. They ship to Canada and I have never had any problems ordering from them.
  • Party Packagers has plastic ones in varous styles and colours.
  • No plastic.  I wanted real flowers.  I actually gave up because I live in a small town and my florist here isn't an adventurer.  So I bought some millinery supplies and Im going to make them out of paper over the next few months while I watch Netflix and hide from the winter weather.  I think the handmade paper flowers will be nicer than plastic leis.  Thanks for your help.
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