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Thought I would share: Did my DIY hangers

I am slowly discovering some DIY things I can do for my wedding and thought I would share with you my DIY hangers for brides within the GTA

I used the following instructions: http://shellchris.weebly.com/custom-hangers.htmlI used all the materials except i did not need pliers and used a regular hot glue gun instead of craft glue.I also shaped the letters by hand as i found i would make indents using the pliers.
I bought my supplies as follows:1) 9 hangers: Dollar Store in Square One mall: 3 hangers for $22) Three 12 gauge wire (I found this to be the best as it is easy to shape and stiff enough that it maintains its shape): Micheal's at Heartland Town Center using 50% off coupon (of course) @ $3.49 per roll of wire. I found this in the flower section, they also have different wire in crafts section so check out both. They come in a few colors; black, copper, silver and red. I found the black wire had chips in the paint so not sure if I would choose black as it may chip while you shape your letters3) 2 packs of Jewelry Stones: Micheal's at Heartland Town Center: on sale so with a 20% coupon was $2.01 for a pack of four 4) Glue, drill, pliers had at home: FREE!
Total with taxes came to around $2.80 per hanger (much better than the $16 they usually go for online). I was able to shape 3 names from each wire roll. I did a test name just to figure out how the wire shapes. I would recommend writing out the name on a page first so you can figure out exactly how large the letters need to be to fit on the hanger. I attached a picture of my mom's hanger and my cousin's hanger. My cousin's name has 9 letters which is way too long so I shortened her's to say 'Mrs. L'. My hanger says 'Bride' and all other bridesmaids hangers have their names.

Re: Thought I would share: Did my DIY hangers

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