West River or Terrace?

Hello all!

Just came back from touring at West River and Terrace, both in Vaughan.
We loved both venues!

Any thoughts or experiences with either?


Re: West River or Terrace?

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    We went to go check out both halls when were were looking for ours and I liked the Terrace MUCH better than West River from the inside and outside.  The Terrace is much nicer from the outside, I really didn't like West River, just looks like a plain square building.  Once we drove up to it, I didnt even believe it was a hall until i saw the green sign on the building.   And unless you are having your wedding at the West River ballroom, the other 2 rooms aren't that great.  They both have the same owners i think so the food should be comparable.
    Good luck!!! 
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    I haven't been to West River but I have been to the Terrace for a wedding and because I almost booked there. (another place met what I wanted better) The Terrace is a wonderful venue. The food was good and the people were great. Everyone treated the guests and wedding party really well.
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    My friend's sister had her wedding at West River and couldn't be happier.  She raved about it to me and one of the reasons she went there was because they had an outside venue already set up with a tent so she was covered in case it rained.  She said the food and service was excellent.  The good thing about the West River and the Terrace is that you have the ability to bring in your own caterer, if you don't want theirs.  If you liked those 2, have you also checked out the Embassy Grand?  It's the newest of the Infinity Group's banquet halls.  It's just down on the borders of Vaughn and Brampton.  Don't know if that's too far for you but it's worth checking out.
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    Both venues are great since they are under the same management so you're guaranteed great food. Which one looks better? The Terrace. Their parking lot is so much nicer than the underground parking lot at West River. The parking is open and the outside looks so much better than the square box at West River. Though the halls will look the same, there's too much stairs at The West River. Yes, there are elevators at West River but it's nice to come in the lobby and your hall is right there. I booked the Terrace for my Sept 2012 wedding.
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    I checked out the Terrace for my wedding in June 2012 - as friends have had weddings there and its been great - however I ended up going with Chateau LeJardin in the end. Still over the two I would recommend the Terrace :) Goodluck with planning!!
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