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Morning after Brunch

Looking for some help/advise. We want to have a brunch type thing on the Sunday morning/afternoon after our wedding. Our place is not big enough and we don't have any relatives that would have a home available for us to use. Any low cost ideas for what we should do? If we had a condo room available we would have just brought in brunch appetizers so we are hoping to keep costs low, maybe under $300?
I have looked into a couple of restaurants and most are $15pp and we may have as many as 50 people stopping in.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.
Thank you :)

Re: Morning after Brunch

  • if you are renting out a condo room, then pay for the food.  If you are doing a restaurant, then tell people in advance but I don't think you have to pay for it if its 50 people coming.  Friends and family are staying over at Hockley Valley and luckily they include brunch but if they didn't, I wouldn't pay.  Too much I think.  My friends always get together the next day with the bride at whatever restaurant is around the corner from the hotel and everybody pays for themselves. 
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    We had a morning after brunch too... most OOT people stopped in for breakfast and a quick chat before heading home.  I really liked it.  We did it at my parents' house.

    Is there a hotel that most guests (who would be interested in a morning after brunch) are staying at?  Perhaps you can use a banquet/conference/party room there.  To keep costs low just get a few big quiches and fruit/veggie trays.

    FWIW we had TONS of food leftover, some people didn't show up and most people didn't eat much.

  • maybe a community centre or a church multi-use room?
  • Thank you ladies. I am thinking maybe the idea to have everyone meet up where the majority of people are staying and have a brunch there with everyone paying for themselves. I really wanted a place to have people drop in but we can work with what we have available to us.
    Thanks again!
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