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hi ladies,
i got enagged a couple months ago i already booked the church and hall for April 2013, i am stuck on my theme colours. has anybody have any ideas for a spring wedding...colours, centerpieces, flowers...
lmk :))

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    Congrats!  There are "month boards" on The Knot which I would recommend... on the left under "Wedding Month Boards' find the April 2013 board (or even check out the April 2012 board, they will be further along in planning).  There are lots of girls there planning spring weddings that you can get ideas from for flowers, etc.

    For colour schemes, I realy like The Perfect Palette:

    She has put together a ton of really awesome colour combinations, and often there is also inspiration for flowers, etc.
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    congrats! there's no rule for colours. what are your favourite colours? we had a summer vintage vineyard wedding. my favourite colour is blue and H's is orange. we ended up not really having set colours. i would say everything was based around white. but we just wanted to keep all the accent colours light and fresh. our flowers were white, pale yellow, and lavender. our WP wore light green. H wore a steel blue suit with light blue and rust orange tie. and some of the reception decor were light blue and white. even though we didn't have set colours it all came together really nice because all the colours we used were light.

    good luck! here's some spring wedding ideas from martha stewart for some inspiration:

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    I would say to go with colours you love - don't worry about the season!  If you like those pale pastel colours that come with Easter and spring, then go for it!  But if you like bold colours, I would say to go for those bold colours that you like.  There is no set etiquette rule for choosing wedding colours.  HTH.
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