Unmotivated bride

How do you guys hold up!
I'm 46 days out... and have hit the wedding planning wall. I don't want to make my escort cards, I don't want to make my favours, I don't want to plan my music...
I feel like there's so much to do and I can't be bothered :P

I just want to go on my honeymoon!

Re: Unmotivated bride

  • LittlinLittlin member
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    That's what I felt like at that point too.  I started to get into it again with about a month ago.  It's okay to take a break!  You are not just a bride, you are a person too!  I know it's hard, but put weddings on the back burner and do something just for you (and maybe for FI too).  We both needed a break - think about BEING married and all the fun that will bring! :)
  • ring_popring_pop member
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    I gave up on a lot of DIY projects by the end. I enlisted my crafty and keen BM to help me out instead. Not suggesting that you make slaves of your friends and family of course... but she was really eager to help, and I was really eager to offload Laughing

    Honestly, if there are things that just aren't important to you, cut them, or trust the vendors. I took great care in selecting ceremony music because it was really important, but for the reception, I just told the DJ, "I trust you, just play whatever it takes to keep the party going." We didn't have escort cards or favours, although my BM did put together a seating chart for me.

    Hang in there! You're nearing the finish line!
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  • StephieBowStephieBow member
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    I feel that way now too and I've got 60 days to go!

    That's why I love the August 2011 board, we're all in the same part of planning and try to motivate each other to stay on top of it!
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  • achiduckachiduck member
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    My brother is getting married this Saturday and his FI hit that at two weeks out. She kept saying she just wants it to be over already.

  • mattycammattycam member
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    I suggest you definately take a break. Can you also ask others to assist in your DIY projects? This will help things along a lot faster.
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    Thanks guys... I actually feel better knowing I'm not an evil bride!

    I'll definitely check out the August board for thoughts... haven't done that much.

    As for help with my projects - my wedding party is all out of town and we won't have much time to get together between then and now.

    I think I'll just have to get by doing as little as possible :)
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