New to the board help with hotels for out of town guests

I am new to the board and have found it all very useful. I have found a reception venue and a officient but I still need to confirm. I am excited. I picked the RCYC. The prices are very reasonable for a Sunday luncheon if you have a family member who is a member. I am paying 30 dollars per person and about 25 dollars for the wine which serves 4 people. I am now looking for hotels with good deals since most of fiancé family live in England. Weddings can cause a lot of stress but mine is insane since my fiancé lives in England, I am living in South Korea right now and the wedding is in Canada. I have to do everything by internet. Luckily I have an amazing family and the best MOH in the world. This board has been very helpful. Keep it coming.


Re: New to the board help with hotels for out of town guests

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    I'm getting married at The RCYC as well!  We're having the ceremony on the grounds as well as the dinner and dance there. 

    Strangely enough, my fiancé and I also live in England so are planning everything from afar.  Jenny (the catering manager at the RCYC) has been great about helping us with everything and she's made the whole planning process very easy.
    As for hotels, if you enquire at any of the big names downtown (Sheraton, Hilton, etc...) you should be able to get a pretty decent deal when you block book rooms.  We've booked rooms at The Sheraton and received a huge discount. I've also checked out a few other places and they have early bird discounts so you can always let your overseas guests know about that.

    Hope this helps!
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    You should suggest to your guests. They offer ridiculous discounted rates, the only catch is that you don't know the exact name of your hotel before you book it. They tell you its star rating (4-star, 5-star etc) and it's rough location, but that's it. Then only after you book it do you find out which hotel it is. As long as you narrow down by star choice, they should be fine. I have used it a bunch of times before and never had a problem with it. Good luck!
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    P.S. Welcome to the board!
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    The best bet is to contact the professional at RCYC and have them suggest hotels.  They usually have a list and may be able to email you all of the ones in the general area.  As Ashley699 stated, booking blocks at the hotels are a great idea and they usually give you great discounts:)
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    Thanks ladies. I wanted to know how I could get my ticket on the bottom of my posts like you ladies have.

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